Video: Bal Seal® for Multi-Channel Pipettors and Liquid Handling Equipment

Looking for a secret weapon that’ll take your multi-channel pipettor design to the next performance level? Check out this short video, and you’ll learn how a custom-engineered Bal Seal® spring-energized seal, with its optimal balance of low friction (<2 lbs) and sealing effectiveness, can promote more accurate, consistent volume delivery for >100,000 cycles.

You’ll also learn how our seal’s wear-reducing properties minimize particle generation and reduce contamination.

We’ve covered a lot in just over 1 minute, but there’s so much more. If you’d like to learn how a custom-engineered seal can elevate your new or current liquid handling system design, call or email us today. We’ll help you find the extra performance and reliability you’re looking for.

Custom components that drive tomorrow’s technologies.®

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Custom components that drive tomorrow’s technologies.®

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