Bal Seal Expands Line to Meet Demands for Large Tolerance Sealing

Foothill Ranch, Calif. – U.S.A.  – Bal Seal Engineering, Inc. has expanded its line of sealing products to include the spring-energized PTFE “C-ring” seal. This seal, which can be retrofit into grooves originally designed for elastomeric O-rings, offers improved performance and service life in hardware with large tolerance variations.

Bal Seal Engineering, a global provider of custom-engineered sealing, connecting, conducting, and EMI shielding solutions, says the C-ring seal combines the low friction properties of PTFE and simple, streamlined jacket geometry to achieve better sealing for more cycles in equipment where clearances, surface finishes and other design characteristics vary widely. The C-ring seal is energized with a Bal Spring® canted coil spring, which promotes even wear and prolongs service life. Its design allows for tool-less installation.

The C-ring seal is available in a range of materials, including virgin PTFE and filled PTFE. It is ideal for use in low-pressure (<500 psi), low-speed (<100 ft/min) applications that require frictional control, and its polymer jacket expands under thermal cycling conditions to maintain contact pressure. Cross sections range from 1/16 to ½ in., with radial tolerances of 0.010 to 0.075 in. Tolerance ranges are dependent on ambient pressure, media type, and surface finish conditions.

The company says its new C-ring seal can help OEMs and tier suppliers offer more reliable, robust products that advance both industry performance standards and market position.

“It expands the options for designers who are seeking to eliminate seal failure caused by frictional wear and thermal cycling,” says David Wang, Bal Seal Engineering’s Global Medical Device Market Manager. “Incorporating the C-ring in initial designs or as a retrofit can mean significantly less downtime and maintenance for the end user. And that translates to a competitive advantage for the manufacturer.”

According to Wang, typical applications for the new seal include medical imaging units, insulin pumps, ventilators and drug-delivery devices.

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Bal Seal Engineering, Inc. is a leading global provider of custom-engineered sealing, connecting, conducting and EMI/RFI shielding and grounding solutions. The company’s products employ unique Bal Spring® canted coil spring technology to promote enhanced equipment performance and reliability. For the latest news and information about Bal Seal Engineering, visit, call 800.366.1006, or e-mail


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