Solutions for Medical Ventilators and Respiratory Care Equipment

As a trusted supplier to medical device makers for over 60 years, Bal Seal Engineering has the products and resources you need to scale up design and manufacture of critical respiratory care equipment—fast. Whether you’re seeking solutions for new projects or retrofitting existing platforms, our collaborative engineering process and quick-turn prototyping will help you keep up with demand during these challenging times.

Proven Success in Ventilator Applications


Our Products

Bal Seal® spring-energized seals for rotary, reciprocating, oscillating, static, and face sealing.

Bal Spring® canted coil springs for mechanical connecting, (latching, locking, holding) electrical conducting, EMI/RFI shielding, and thermal management.

Our Process

In four simple steps, we can help you experience the improved reliability and enhanced performance that comes with using custom-engineered components:


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Solutions for Medical Ventilators and Respiratory Care Equipment

Custom components that drive tomorrow’s technologies.

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