Sealing, Connecting, Conducting, and EMI/RFI Shielding Solutions for Medical Devices

Bal Seal Engineering, Inc. is a global provider of custom-engineered sealing, connecting, conducting, and EMI/RFI shielding solutions for medical devices. Our core technology, the Bal Spring®, is a versatile component that functions independently or in combination with precision polymer sealing and metal retaining elements to enhance the performance and reliability of surgical instruments, orthopedic devices, drug infusion, and diagnostic equipment.

More than just a problem-solver, we’re your innovation partner. With over five decades of experience and a vast application knowledge base, we specialize in helping medical device designers develop breakthroughs that help shape industry standards, push the technology envelope, and provide a competitive edge.

Whether you’re addressing an existing challenge or still in the early stages of development, we can help. Our application engineers have the skills and expertise to collaborate and contribute during every step in the process, so that you can improve product performance and increase your speed to market.



Custom components that drive tomorrow’s technologies.®

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Custom components that drive tomorrow’s technologies.®

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