Closed-Loop Functionality in Medical Electronics

In the world of medical electronics, the title for biggest breakthrough goes to closed loop functionality. This technological milestone has helped device designers achieve new levels of active implantable performance, and it has driven change in three crucial areas: power conservation (providing stimulation only as needed through neural feedback), improved patient efficacy (adjusting therapy based on changing patient condition), and better feedback tools (communicating real-time information via wireless to doctors).

Closed-loop devices, such as those used to control epilepsy, for example, use implantable multi-electrode arrays and amplifiers to record electrical signals. These signals can be used to predict a seizure, and can even apply preventative electrical stimulation in advance.

This closed-loop functionality in active implantables requires optimal power efficiency and signal isolation, and much of this is dependent upon the performance of electrical contacts and contact systems used to connect leads to batteries and electronics.

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