The Bal Seal Engineering Process

Bal Seal isn't your typical component manufacturer. We custom-engineer sealing, connecting, conducting and EMI shielding solutions that enhance the performance and reliability of your designs.

The technologies behind next-gen neuromodulation devices

Our Bal Conn® electrical contact helps manufacturers of implantable medical devices improve performance while reducing package size and increasing reliability.

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Bal Seal® spring-energized seals in clinical analyzers

Our Bal Seal® spring-energized seals provide superior sealing performance in a range of pressures, temperatures, and media, for clinical analyzers.

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Powerpoint: Designing The Better Seal For Industrial Robots

Designing a robot that delivers consistent, long-term service and accuracy in demanding industrial environments is one tough job. But choosing the right seal can make it a lot easier.

Seals for Improved Performance in Industrial Robotics

With their ideal combination of low friction and sealing effectiveness, Bal Seal® spring-energized seals help designers improve the accuracy, consistency, and productivity of industrial robots.


Polyimide-Filled Polytetrafluoroethylene (SP191)

Our Bal Seal® spring-energized seals deliver superior protection against leaks and contamination in robotic systems.

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