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How to Optimize Cryogenic Seal Design: 3 Critical Factors

The top 2 reasons for failure in LNG (liquefied natural gas) valves are low temperatures and high pressures. To defend your designs against them, it is essential to incorporate the right type of cryogenic seal into your valve design.

The infographic below identifies the unique challenges of sealing in cryogenic valves, and reveals important seal selection criteria that will help you capture more valve performance and reliability.

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Why Cryogenic Sealing is Essential for LNG Valve Success

A critical link in processing, liquefaction, loading, and transport, cryogenic valves control the flow of LNG.

Seals are used to address LNG complications caused by extremely low temperatures, thermal cycling, and high pressures.

Without optimal design, cryogenic seals will typically shrink and lead paths will form. Their failure can not only put a halt to operations which can lead to lost profit, but also result in costly cleanup.

How to Optimize Cryogenic Seal Design

To minimize complications caused by insufficient sealing, it’s essential to utilize materials and designs that can withstand extremely low temperatures, thermal cycling, and high pressures.

To provide superior protection against leakage in cryogenic valves for LNG, cryogenic seals should be designed with the following properties in mind:

  1. Jacket material that tolerates thermal cycling
  2. A spring energizer to compensate for shrinkage
  3. Anti-extrusion lip geometry

Bal Seal’s spring-energized seals are custom-made to solve whatever sealing issues your LNG valves may be facing. Everything from the materials used to sizing is custom designed to optimize the fit, service life, and performance of your LNG valve.

Cryogenic Sealing Consultation

Getting the most out of your LNG valve is easier when you partner with an experienced seal manufacturer.

If you’re interested in working with one of our sealing experts to elevate your new or existing cryogenic valve design, click here to submit a design request form.

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