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Trusted by engineers and OEMs to protect critical equipment used everywhere, from deep sea to deep space.


Delivers superior rotary, reciprocating, oscillating, static, and face sealing performance. Sizes range from 0.020 in. to 120 in. ID.


Promotes even jacket wear and resists breakdown to extend service life by up to 150% over standard seals.


Combines custom polymers, backup elements, and locking rings to resist extrusion and provide more uptime, less maintenance.


Compensates for large tolerances and surface irregularities, ensuring multi-point electrical contact for improved reliability, longer equipment life.


Enables accurate control of insertion and removal forces, from just a few ounces to 1000s of pounds.


Mechanically connects, conducts current, grounds, and shields against EMI/RFI. Simplifies designs, reduces weight, and even dissipates heat.


Maintains consistent insertion and removal forces over 1000s of cycles. Resists compression set better than fingerstock, mesh.


 Ensures multi-point electrical contact and redundant power/signal paths. Compensates for tolerance variations, and exhibits extremely low contact resistance.


Employs springs from 0.5mm (.020 in) and housings with pitch of ~2mm.  Supports smaller, more functional devices.


Used in millions of medical implantable devices worldwide, it’s the designer’s choice for applications that simply cannot fail.


Can be supplied with pre-tested seals, creating a turnkey system that eliminates sourcing and speeds product development.

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Our engineers gain a deep understanding of your application.

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Together, we engineer a solution that elevates your design.

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In as quickly as two weeks, you get a prototype.

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You’re ready to scale up, from 10s  to 1,000,000s of pieces.

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Custom components that drive tomorrow’s technologies.®

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Custom components that drive tomorrow’s technologies.®

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