Bal Seal Engineering’s springs, seals, and contacts help improve the performance and reliability of powered surgical tools, orthopedic implants, pumps, monitors, active implantables, and other critical medical equipment. Our custom-engineered products enable designers to achieve higher speeds, longer service life, and more functionality in less space.

Products for Medical

Medical Active Implantable Applications

Medical Tools & Equipment Applications

Medical Industry Achievements

Shaping CHM Standards

As members of the CTF, we helped to develop the cardiac IS-4 standard. We also contributed to IS-4 requirements for non-set screw connection systems.

Pioneering Therapies

When makers of the implantable alfapump® needed to boost battery life and guard against leakage, a Bal Seal® made it possible. Today, the device is helping ascites patients all over the world live more comfortably.

Making More Connections

Neuromodulation devices have been shrinking as demand for functionality grows. Our Bal Conn®, with its reduced axial pitch and sizes down to .020 in., lets designers build smaller devices that do more.

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Medical Electrical Contact Solutions

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Bal Seal®spring-energized seals for dental

Material Data Sheet

Polyimide-filled PTFE

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