Driven By Quality

Our commitment to quality runs deep. It’s in our engineering DNA, and it’s reflected at every level of our organization, from the board room to the production floor. The rigorous quality processes we employ enable us to satisfy the toughest customer requirements and the most exacting industry criteria – not to mention our own high standards. Most importantly, these processes help us design, manufacture, and deliver custom components that are 100% correct, 100% of the time.

Committed to Compliance

We know that industry regulations and standards can have a big impact on your business. That’s why compliance is such a critical part of our quality assurance program. We work hard to understand and comply with the regulations that matter to you, and we strive to earn new certifications that make it easier to work with us. We stay on top of technological developments, and we participate in industry committees and steering groups that shape important new industry standards.

On-Time Delivery with First Time Quality

Our springs, seals, and contacts can do some amazing things. But they can’t help you if they aren’t there when you need them, which is why we consider timely delivery one of our most critical performance metrics. Our goal is and always will be to provide “on-time delivery with first time quality.”

Program Pillars


The quality tools we’ve developed, which are deeply rooted in proven ISO systems (9001: 2015 and AS9100: D), help us maintain the integrity of our products. We leverage a production part approval process (PPAP) for relevant applications, use design failure mode and effects analysis (DFMEA) systems to identify potential failures, employ measurement system analysis (MSA) for product parameter variation measurements, apply both statistical process control (SPC) and statistical quality control (SQC) tools for maximum assurance of quality, and we have control plans to formalize and document every step.

TestingQuality Assurance Person

Testing is a critical stage in our quality assurance program. We use a variety of methods and tools to measure product characteristics, such as force, conductivity, tensile strength, elongation, flexure and modulus, surface roughness, friction, x-ray fluorescence, and compression.


Our trained inspection team uses contact and optical equipment to verify product conformance as the final step in our quality assurance program. To ensure a thorough inspection, we also use 100% (dimensional/visual) inspections, part weight examinations, and spring coil count.

Custom components that drive tomorrow’s technologies.®

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Custom components that drive tomorrow’s technologies.®

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