Industrial Equipment

For more than 60 years, designers and manufacturers of industrial equipment have trusted our custom-engineered springs and seals to provide superior performance in the most demanding environments. In applications ranging from paper manufacturing to food processing, semiconductor fabrication to industrial robotics, our products help improve uptime and promote technological advances.

Products for Industrial Equipment

Industrial Automation Applications

Semiconductor Processing & Testing Applications

Industry Achievements

Keeping It Clean

In PVD, plasma etch, and other operations, our Bal Seal® sheds less and reduces potential contamination for better yield. Our Bal Spring® stops EMI from affecting precise deposition processes.

Pouring the Drinks

Managing >10,000 gallons per hour, our seals keep industrial dispensing equipment productive and precise. Their FDA compatible jacket materials make them safe for use in all types of food service equipment.

Diving Deep

At 4,000 feet below sea level, ROVs are subjected to 1,700 psi. With their customizable materials and geometries, our seals protect drive components in these extreme pressures, and help designers reach new depths.

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Bal Seal seals in high temperature adhesive dispensing valves

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Polyimide-filled PTFE

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Custom components that drive tomorrow’s technologies.®

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Custom components that drive tomorrow’s technologies.®

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