There’s a big difference between thinking your seal will work—and knowing it. That’s why we’ve developed an offering of test capabilities that enable you to evaluate the performance of your Bal Seal® spring-energized seal under specific operating conditions. Using state-of-the-art test rigs and precision prototypes, we provide you with results that help you make informed decisions about your designs BEFORE the first production seal is manufactured. Our on-site test capabilities can reduce costs, eliminate communication roadblocks associated with in-house or outsourced testing, and speed your time to market. We’re constantly introducing new test capabilities, so contact us with your specific requirements.

Gimbal Seal Friction and Leak Testing


Our gimbal seal test is designed specifically to evaluate the performance of our Bal Seal® low-friction spring-energized seals for gimbal applications. Our test equipment measures friction and leak rate using customer-defined hardware tolerances and operating conditions, including pressure and speed. Fixtures can accommodate seals up to 22 in. OD, and can be modified for larger seal dimensions. The fixtures can produce a wide range of pressures and exert specific frictional forces to accurately simulate a seal’s performance under real-world conditions.

Rotating plates on the fixtures are connected to digital force testers, which measure the friction of rotation. A vacuum tester simulates air flow over the gimbal during operation. The tester pulls a vacuum across the plates, creating suction inside the seal to measure the leak rate across its surface. Both friction and leak rate are measured simultaneously.

Note: We offer the above test capabilities as a tool to help customers streamline development, refine component design and verify component performance under predetermined conditions. These tests and our delivery of any related results in no way represent a certification or warrant of the same or similar component performance in actual service. Our customers, through their own analysis and testing, are solely responsible for making the final selection of products, and for ensuring that all performance, safety, and other requirements of the application are met. For more information, click here.


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