Rotary Seals
Rotary Seals
Rotary Seals

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Bal Seal® Spring-energized Rotary Seals

Bal Seal offers several families of rotary seals suitable for a wide range of temperature and pressure/velocity (PV) applications.  Our spring-energized rotary seal solutions include flange seals, insert seals, and seals with metal locking devices.

  • High performance material
  • Excellent wear and long life
  • Bal Seal Canted Coil Spring® energizer to compensate for lip wear, thermal cycling, and tolerance variations
  • Longer life and superior seal performance
  • Metal retaining ring designs available
  • Provides secure installation while requiring low insertion forces
  • Memory lip designs available
  • Low friction for high speed - low pressure applications
  • Cross sections and inside diameters from 0.031" (1mm)
  • Can accommodate small package requirements
  • Rapid response proposal and prototype capability
  • Reduced development time

Bal Seal Rotary Sealing Solutions
LKS Seal








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