Bal Seal® spring-energized reciprocating seals

We offer numerous designs and materials uniquely suitable for a wide range of reciprocating applications. Our seals offer a high degree of chemical compatibility, and they are capable of handling viscous and abrasive fluids. The low-friction seals are energized with a Bal Spring™ canted coil spring that compensates for lip wear, thermal cycling and tolerance variations. 

High Pressure Seal Applications

For demanding ultra high pressure applications, we offer the Enduris™ high-pressure sealing system. Enduris is the first seal proven to deliver consistent, long-term performance in at pressures of 22,000 psi and higher.

Reciprocating Seal Selection Guide

Series Applications/Benefits Pressure Limit (psi) Cross Section Range (in.) Inside Diameter Range (in.)
13 • Wiping
• Low friction
• Longer life
3000 0.031–0.500 0.062–74.00
P14 • One-piece pistons with 1/4 step
• Better seal retention into groove
3000 0.062–0.187 0.312–1.875
15 • Symmetrical design for piston or sealing rod 3000 0.031–0.500 0.062–74.00
CC13/CC14/CC15 • Very small diameters
• Small cross sections
2000 0.016–0.062 0.016–0.093
R13 • Flange mounted
• Reduces seal movement
• Low friction
• Longer seal life
3000 0.031–0.500 0.062–74.00
UN13/UN14/UN15 • High pressure
• Low friction
10000 0.031–0.500 0.062–74.00
PW/HW • Spring-energized guide ring for better piston guidance and alignment NA 0.031–0.500 0.062-60+
S15/IS15 • For use in internal or external pressure conditions 3000 0.062–0.250 0.188–72.00
64 • Low dead volume
• Excellent chemical compatibility
• Vacuum to low pressure
• Snap-on assembly
• Permanently locks onto position
60 0.031–0.125 OD range 0.63 and up

This selection guide represents only a small portion of the many rotary seal solutions that we offer.