Custom seals and springs for medical devices

Our Bal Seal® spring-energized seals are used to protect against gases and liquids that can damage sensitive components in devices such as pumps and surgical power tools. Our Bal Spring® canted coil springs are used for holding, latching, and electrical contact in a variety of applications throughout the global medical market. We work closely with our customers to provide custom engineered solutions that meet their unique requirements for service life, biocompatibility, performance in specific environmental conditions, and much more.

Orthopedic devices and medical instruments

We supply FDA-compliant sealing and connecting solutions to the orthopedic and ENT industries, providing unique solutions with our technology ranging from seal applications for high-speed surgical hand tools to springs providing for tool-less connections. Our Bal Spring® canted coil spring shields diagnostic instruments from the harmful effects of EMI. Its customizable insertion and removal forces — coupled with its superior cleanability — also make it ideal for use in orthopedic and surgical instrument fastening applications.

Drug-delivery systems

We work closely with device makers that are dramatically changing the manner in which drugs are delivered. Our reliable sealing and connecting solutions enable designers to develop systems that permit the precise and continual delivery of medication to treat conditions such as diabetes, hepatitis, cancer, and chronic pain. Our custom sealing products guard against leakage in medical pumps and drug-delivery systems.


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