Canted-coil™ Spring Energized Seals
We've specialized in high-performance seals, energized with our Bal Seal Canted Coil Spring, since 1958.


Simply a Better Solution

Bal Seal Spring-energized Seals

Bal Seal originally developed the spring-energized PTFE seal to meet cryogenic requirements in the aerospace industry. Since that initial success, the company has continued to develop both materials and canted coil spring technology to meet today's demanding sealing requirements.

Our advanced seal material formulations, which blend high performance fibers and polymers with PTFE, enable our solutions to constantly push today's known sealing application envelopes.

  • Canted coil spring energized seal
  • Longer seal life with more effective sealing performance
  • State of the art designs for static, reciprocating, and rotary seals
  • Families of designs that can be custom engineered for your application
  • High-performance materials
  • Materials suitable for a wide range of temperatures, pressures, and chemicals
  • Rapid response proposals and prototypes


  • Reduced development time



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Bal Seal Sealing Solutions

Rotary Seals Reciprocating Seals Static Seals


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