Springs and seals for aerospace and defense

Commercial and military aviation systems all over the world are protected from leakage and potential failure by our Bal Seal® spring-energized seals. Our Bal Spring® canted coil springs are used in connecting designs for avionics and lightning strike protection, and they connect and conduct electricity along satellite solar arrays.

The spring’s multifunction capabilities and compact footprint have earned it a critical role in designs for unmanned aerial vehicles, ground robotics, man-worn field systems and many other platforms. In aerospace applications, our springs latch and conduct power for three-phase subsystems, reducing installation time and protecting against lightning strikes, and our spring-energized seals manage high pressure in hydraulic systems for landing gear. The seals also help prevent leakage in critical fuel control valves and regulators. In defense applications, our spring-energized rotary seals maintain pressure while excluding moisture and debris in UAV actuators, and they protect sensitive electronics in gimbals and pods.

Typical applications

  • Electrical grounding and shielding
  • Actuators
  • Fuel systems
  • Gear drive systems
  • Pneumatic systems
  • Electrical connections, grounding and shielding


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