Medical electronics

For over two decades, we have been collaborating with medical device manufacturers to develop and deliver high-quality, high-performance connecting and conducting solutions. Built around proven Bal Spring® canted coil spring technology, our products currently ensure reliable connections in more than a million implantable devices worldwide. Our continuous research and development efforts are yielding new solutions that consistently enhance design and performance of electrical connections in existing and emerging therapies, including cardiac healthcare, neuromodulation and implantable-sensing, among others.

Cardiac healthcare management

Cardiac healthcare management applications demand uncompromising performance, and Bal Conn® electrical contacts deliver. Their superior dynamic resistance stabilization properties meet or exceed IS-1 and IS-4 requirements, and their compact design helps engineers make devices smaller and lighter. Typical Bal Conn applications for cardiac healthcare management include defibrillation, pacing and resynchronization.

Ventricular Assist Devices (VAD)

In ventricular assist devices (VAD), our SYGNUS® implantable contact system, which consists of proven Bal Conn® electrical contacts and precision-engineered silicone fluid seals, can be incorporated into an external lead segment to lower patient risk. It can also be designed into the implantable device header.


With their compact design and dynamic resistance stabilization properties that meet or exceed neuromodulation device requirements, our Bal Conn® products are the ideal solution for connecting applications in neuromodulation therapies. They provide reliable performance and help advance device design for spinal stimulation, deep brain stimulation (DBS) and vagus nerve stimulation.

Cochlear implants

In cochlear and other neuromodulation devices with extreme space limitations, our Bal Conn® electrical contact can be configured in a vertical “high-density” array. This configuration, which uses contacts of different diameters to build up, instead of out, allows for more connector density than traditional serial arrays. This innovative design can help device makers integrate reliable, proven contact technology into devices that meet patient and surgeon demand for reduced size and increased functionality.

Implantable sensing

In devices that monitor and sense physiological functions, Bal Conn® electrical contacts provide unparalleled conductivity and reliability. Their physical properties and compact design make them ideal for use in a range of sensing applications, including nerve function, brain activity and blood pressure.

The SYGNUS® implantable contact system

In cardiac management, neuromodulation and implantable sensing, our SYGNUS® implantable contact system combines proven electrical contact technology and silicone isolation seals in a dense, pre-tested configurable stack that helps device makers reduce overall package size and accelerate development. SYGNUS is the world's first integrated seal and electrical contact system and is engineered to help OEMs accelerate the development process. The densely spaced contact stack can accommodate leads with diameters ranging from 0.90 to 3.20 mm.


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