Bal Seal® large diameter spring-energized seals

Our Bal Seal® spring-energized large diameter seals offer big performance advantages in critical equipment. Designed to handle slow-speed rotary and reciprocating applications, our one-piece seals provide OEM designers and end users with excellent resistance to wear, extrusion and chemicals — all of which translates into more uptime and profitability. Our low-friction seals are energized with a Bal Spring® canted coil spring, which promotes even wear and prolongs service life. They are available in select profiles and a variety of materials, including:

  • T – Virgin PTFE
  • SP-5 – Polymer-filled PTFE
  • GC-5 – Graphite/glass-filled PTFE
  • GF-5 – Glass-fiber-reinforced PTFE with lubricant
  • G-5 – Graphite-filled PTFE



Filled PTFE seals are available in sizes up to 120 in. ID. Thermoplastics, which can be incorporated into backup designs, are available in sizes up to 94 in. ID. See table 1 below for material operating ranges and sizes.

Material T SP5 G5 GC5 GF5
Min Temp -450 °F -450 °F -450 °F -450 °F -450 °F
Max Temp 450 °F 500 °F 475 °F 500 °F 500 °F
Max Size (ID) 120 in. 120 in. 120 in. 120 in. 120 in.

Table 1. Large diameter seal operating ranges and sizes.

Typical Applications

Our large diameter seals answer a growing demand for high-performance sealing across a variety of industries. Examples include:


  • MRI/CT scanners

Oil & Gas

  • Rotary steerables
  • Swivels/turret mooring systems
  • Tong systems
  • Subsea wellhead systems


  • Pulp & paper mills
  • Smelting plants


  • Mixers



Bal Seal® large diameter seals feature proven canted coil spring technology and a variety of seal jacket material formulations. Geometries can be customized to meet demanding application requirements.


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