Bal Seal Opens First Sales Office in Czech Republic

Bal Seal Opens First Sales Office in Czech Republic

Cites opportunities, need for local coverage

Prague, Czech Republic – January 19, 2012 – Citing an increase in business opportunities and a desire to provide more local coverage in the region, Bal Seal Engineering, Inc. recently announced the opening of its first Eastern European sales office in the Czech Republic’s capital city of Prague. The U.S.-based maker of sealing, connecting, conducting and EMI shielding products says its new office, located in the modern City Empiria building near the heart of the historic city, will help it more efficiently serve growing industrial segments in an area that includes Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Russia.

Bal Seal European Sales Director Wayne Young, who works from the company’s Amsterdam offices, will oversee sales activity in the Czech Republic. He says the decision to set up a location in Prague was based on several economic and cultural factors.

“Prague has been a political, cultural and economic center of Europe during its 1,100 year existence,” Young explains. “The city was also an important seat for trading where merchants from all of Europe settled. As such, we felt it was an ideal location for us. We see it as a safe investment in an area with a stable social and political system, and a strong focus on research and development.”

 According to Young, the company established the new office to provide local support to existing Eastern European customers, introduce new customers to Bal Seal’s Canted Coil Spring™ and spring-energized sealing technology, and create a “stepping stone” to facilitate further expansion in Eastern Europe and Russia.

Along with the office opening, Bal Seal has named a new Territory Supervisor for Eastern Europe. Tibor Jelenek, a sales professional who speaks many of the region’s languages, will use the Prague location as a base of operations from which he’ll travel and interface with Bal Seal customers across a range of industries, including automotive, energy and oil/gas. Echoing Young’s enthusiasm for the expansion, Jelenek adds that his company’s timing is good.

“Many U.S. and Western European companies are now moving their production facilities to the Eastern European Region,” Jelenek notes. “They’re doing this not only because of the low cost, but also because of the availability of highly-skilled and educated workforce offering the highest labor productivity.”

About Bal Seal Engineering, Inc.

Bal Seal Engineering, Inc. is a global provider of custom-engineered sealing, connecting, conducting and EMI shielding solutions for industry worldwide. The company’s products employ unique Bal Seal Canted Coil Spring™ technology for enhanced performance and reliability. For the latest news and information about Bal Seal, visit or call 800.366.1006.

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