Springs for automotive applications  

In existing and emerging hybrid and electric platforms, our Bal Spring® canted coil spring ensures reliable, consistent connection between battery packs and other vehicle systems. The spring’s ability to conduct and mechanically fasten enables designers to reduce system complexity while increasing performance and reliability. The spring presents the dual benefit of latching, locking or holding system components together and efficiently managing high current flow in tight spaces with minimal heat rise. The spring’s independent coils provide multipoint contact, ensuring consistent transmission of electricity to and from the lithium-ion battery array and other vehicle systems.

The spring also conducts power to the motor during low-speed operation and ensures reliable recharging through regenerative braking. Depending on its placement, the spring can also shield connectors and couplings from the harmful effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI). In external charging, the spring conducts electricity from a wall or base unit to the battery array. The spring automatically compensates for misalignment and surface irregularities that may otherwise compromise charging efficiency. It can also be employed to provide positive latching “feedback” that indicates proper charger connection.

Typical applications

  • Hybrid battery storage systems
  • Seating systems
  • Modular interior component systems
  • Outside mirror systems
  • Hybrid connecting and shielding
  • EPS connector systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Shock absorber systems
  • Diesel supercharger systems
  • Audio systems


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