Foothill Ranch, Calif., – U.S.A. – December 21, 2016 – Bal Seal Engineering, Inc. has posted an on-demand webinar session aimed at helping engineers understand and overcome the challenges of sealing in modern aerospace gimbal design. The session can be streamed from the company's website at

The actual online event, which was held Wednesday, November 9th, helped participants gain a deeper understanding of evolving gimbal design requirements as driven by advances in ISR, targeting, HEL beam, lasercom, and other systems (increased accuracy/pointing stability), aircraft design technology (reduced weight and improved performance ceilings), MIL standards and manufacturer demands. It also examined the critical role seals play in gimbal performance, address the relationship between seal and gimbal hardware engineering, and explored seal material and design alternatives that can help meet specific survivability, pressure, media compatibility and life cycle/maintenance requirements. Seal testing criteria was also discussed.

Bal Seal Engineering, a global provider of custom-engineered sealing, connecting, conducting, and EMI shielding solutions, partnered with aerospace industry publisher Tech Briefs Media and its Aerospace and Defense Technology Magazine to conduct the one-hour webinar. Adsys Controls, Inc., an Irvine, Calif.-based designer of gimbals and the sophisticated electro-optical systems inside them, participated as a technical partner in the session, addressing gimbal hardware considerations and discussing the balancing act between friction, leak rate and service life.

James Mecredy, Global Market Manager for Bal Seal Engineering’s Aerospace and Defense segment, says “customer need and interest” prompted his company to host the technical webinar. “There has been an increase in demand for this kind of information over the past five years, due to advances in technology and pressure on defense budgets to do more with existing equipment,” says Mecredy. “Now, more than ever, engineers need to know how to optimize the performance of every component, especially seals. The right seal design and material choice can go a long way toward meeting other important requirements.”

According to Mecredy, an on-demand version of the session  - as well as a library of other webinars on various sealing, connecting, conducting and shielding topics -  is now available. It can be viewed anytime, anywhere at

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