A military jet gently lifts off the runway and vertically ascends into the cloudy skies above. The roar of its afterburners causes the crowds below to cover their ears as the Eurofighter rolls into a hard bank and onto its next maneuver ...

Such was the scene at the 2011 Paris Air Show, held June 20-24 in Le Bourget, France. Aerospace companies from all over the world were there displaying their technologies, equipment and aircraft. We were there, too, making sure manufacturers and tier suppliers knew about the solutions we offer for sealing, connecting, conducting and shielding applications.

Bal Seal has participated in both the Paris (and Farnborough, UK) air shows for the last three years. This year, the Paris venue enabled us to demonstrate our spring and seal capabilities to a global audience, and to visit current and potential customers in adjacent halls.

To get ready for the event, we published a brand-new literature piece. If you'd like to take a closer look at it, you can download it from the technical library section of this site, or simply click on this link.

The TMB-11 represents a new approach for us, because it incorporates vibrant graphics and callouts that clearly illustrate where and how our products work in aerospace and defense applications.