Medical Instruments, Bal Seal Canted Coil Springs

FDA-Compliant Seals for Medical Instruments

Bal Seal Engineering, Inc. supplies FDA-compliant sealing and connecting solutions to the orthopedic and ENT industries.

  • Collaborative engineering designs
  • Unique solutions for your requirements
  • Specialty USP class 6 materials
  • Low friction, chemically compatible and implantable
  • Click and fit design capability for screw-less/wrench-less connection
  • Small package solutions from 0.020" (0.51mm)
  • Spring latch/lock/hold designs have minimum bioburden
  • Rapid tool change, reduced procedure time
  • Vibration damping, alignment, centering, groundings/shielding capable
  • Better cleanability compared to ball detents
  • Rapid response proposals and prototypes
  • Reduced development time

Bal Seal Solutions

Rotary Seals (DM-5)pdf
Reciprocating and Static Seals (DM-6)pdf


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