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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • Q: Do you have material for food applications as well?
    A: Yes. We offer a PTFE-based sealing material which is approved for food applications.
  • Q: What is the main advantage of the spring energizer?
    A: The spring energizer exercises a constant pressure both on the inside and the outside of the seal. Therefore, it seals well, compensates for wear, and provides increased seal life in comparison to other seal types.
  • Q: Do you have seals and springs in stock?
    No. We produce all seals and springs to order. The majority of our customers require custom-engineered solutions, so we've focused our efforts on solving individual application challenges, rather than building and maintaining an inventory of standard products.
  • Q: Do you offer samples?
    A: No. But we can make a small prototype run based on your unique requirements for a minimal fee.
  • Q: How can Bal Seal support us in the design phase?
    A: We thrive on collaboration. If you contact us at the beginning of the design process, our engineering staff can work with you to devise a solution that actually helps your product perform better. We can assist you with selection of housing material, cavity design and seal design.


  • Q: In what temperature ranges are your seals engineered to work?
    A: The answer to this question really depends on more than just temperature. You must also consider the media to be sealed and the pressure your seal will encounter. It's also important to determine whether the temperature is constant or periodic. In general, our sealing solutions can peform up to 285° C. We also offer materials for sealing in extremely low temperatures, down to -160° C.
  • Q: Can you combine high speed with high pressure and still seal properly?
    A: The combination of speed and pressure can certainly pose unique challenges. Typically, our high-speed rotating seals can perform at up to 150 bar. However, we recently introduced a mutli-component seal designed specifically to work in the elevated temperatures and pressures common to oilfield equipment. For more information, e-mail us with your application information and mention the "LKS seal." Or, call us at 800.366.1006.

Global Services

  • Q: Do you have technical representatives outside of your corporate offices in California and Amsterdam?
    A: Yes, we have nearly 20 outside reps living and covering the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and the UK.
  • Q: Do you provide services/information in other languages?
    A: Yes. Our customer service representatives, inside technical sales staff and territory managers speak a wide variety of languages, including Spanish, Chinese, French, Korean, German, Italian, Dutch and Russian.
  • Q: I have seen your booth at U.S. trade events. Do you also have a stand at shows outside of the U.S.?
    A: Yes, we attend as many shows in Europe as we do in the U.S. We also exhibit in China, Japan and India.
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