It's September, and I've got a couple of resources to share with you.

This week, as a result of sending out some information about the new materials we've developed, we were fortunate to catch the attention of the nice folks over at GIE Media. Specifically, we earned a mention in their flagship aerospace publication, Aerospace Manufacturing and Design.

AMD's Website, which you can visit by clicking here, featured our new aerospace and defense animation sequence, complete with music and sound effects. AMD Senior Editor Matt Grasson also took note of our announcement on the availability of the TMB-11, our new short-form guide to aerospace and defense sealing, connecting, conducting and shielding for that industry. He ran our release about the new literature on the AMD site here, and informed us that it would appear in the print issue, as well.

When I describe GIE editors as "nice folks," I'm not blowing smoke. These guys also publish Today's Medical Developments, a strong industry mag, and they were instrumental in helping us get the word out about the SYGNUS Implantable Contact System last year. Editor Elizabeth Modic and Publisher Tom Grasson listened to our story about SYGNUS during a visit to their offices in August, and decided that it was worthy of a feature.

If energy is your thing, they've got a mag for that, too. Today's Energy Solutions.