Engineering Informs Art

Ever wonder how your co-workers spend their personal time?  I do. And I'm often surprised to find subtle connections between the day jobs and the hobbies of people with whom I share my workdays.

Take Hamid Rastegar, for example. During the work week, Hamid designs seals for the some of the world’s most demanding applications. But on the weekends, you’ll find him at a potter’s wheel, spinning clay and expressing his art in the form of unique plates, bowls, teapots and pitchers.

AUVSI show (booth #2917) in Washington D.C. - Podcast

We just finished recording a podcast on engineering for unmanned vehicles, and I think it came out really well. You can check it out here.

When we record these things, we try to condense a lot of information into a nice, tidy, 3-minute package, and that's not always easy. There's a lot to talk about in the world of unmanned vehicles (it's a fascinating subject) but the idea was just to let people know a couple of things:

Good Reading, Good Resources

It's September, and I've got a couple of resources to share with you.

This week, as a result of sending out some information about the new materials we've developed, we were fortunate to catch the attention of the nice folks over at GIE Media. Specifically, we earned a mention in their flagship aerospace publication, Aerospace Manufacturing and Design.

Notes from the Road: Paris in June, New Literature for Aerospace/Defense

A military jet gently lifts off the runway and vertically ascends into the cloudy skies above. The roar of its afterburners causes the crowds below to cover their ears as the Eurofighter rolls into a hard bank and onto its next maneuver ...