Sterilizable low-friction seals for medical devices

Our Bal Seal® spring-energized seals are used to protect against gases and liquids that can damage sensitive components in devices such as pumps and surgical power tools.

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Custom Components are Key to Smaller, More Efficient High-Speed Surgical Tools

The Bal Seal® combines low friction, compact designs, and excellent resistance to sterilization processes to enhance the performance and reliability of surgical saws, drills, burrs, reamers, and other high speed devices.


Choosing Seals to Advance High-Speed Surgical Tool Performance

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SWaP-ready Springs Help Designers Advance Connector Performance

The multi-function Bal Spring® canted coil spring can help you address tough size, weight and power consumption challenges in your connector designs for both defense and commercial aviation applications. The Bal Spring® conducts, mechanically connects, and shields against signal-compromising EMI, while reducing connector complexity, increasing current-carrying capacity, and extending service life.

Closed-Loop Functionality in Medical Electronics

In the world of medical electronics, the title for biggest breakthrough goes to closed loop functionality. This technological milestone has helped device designers achieve new levels of active implantable performance, and it has driven change in three crucial areas: power conservation (providing stimulation only as needed through neural feedback), improved patient efficacy (adjusting therapy based on changing patient condition), and better feedback tools (communicating real-time information via wireless to doctors).

Springs Connect, Conduct in “Smarter” Downhole Tools

Our Bal Spring™ canted coil springs are helping engineers solve tough connecting, conducting and EMI shielding challenges in power transmission and distribution. This animated sequence travels through a modern substation to illustrate several applications using the spring, including in current transformers and switchgear.

Cleaning Validation for Bal Seal Canted Coil Springs®

By Steve Twork

Can canted coil springs meet FDA regulatory requirements or OEM cleaning validation standards?

To Russia with Love

In the Bond film, From Russia with Love, the bad guys want to steal a Russian decoding device. Perhaps if they had simply contacted Bal Seal Engineering, they would have been able to make their own decoding device—with assistance from our engineers.