Contacts That Advance Neuro Device Design

The Bal Conn® electrical contact and the SYGNUS® implantable contact system use proven canted coil spring technology to ensure ultra-reliable therapy delivery.


Sealing for Improved Clinical Analyzer Performance

The Bal Seal® spring-energized seal allows for precise control of frictional forces, resulting in less wear, less leakage, and more reliable operation of hematology, urinalysis, and other clinical analyzers.


The Bal Seal Engineering Process

Bal Seal isn't your typical component manufacturer. We custom-engineer sealing, connecting, conducting and EMI shielding solutions that enhance the performance and reliability of your designs.

The technologies behind next-gen neuromodulation devices

Our Bal Conn® electrical contact helps manufacturers of implantable medical devices improve performance while reducing package size and increasing reliability.

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Bal Seal® spring-energized seals in clinical analyzers

Our Bal Seal® spring-energized seals provide superior sealing performance in a range of pressures, temperatures, and media, for clinical analyzers.

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Powerpoint: Designing The Better Seal For Industrial Robots

Designing a robot that delivers consistent, long-term service and accuracy in demanding industrial environments is one tough job. But choosing the right seal can make it a lot easier.

Seals for Improved Performance in Industrial Robotics

With their ideal combination of low friction and sealing effectiveness, Bal Seal® spring-energized seals help designers improve the accuracy, consistency, and productivity of industrial robots.