Bal Seal Canted Coil Springs
Alternative energy equipment OEMs and suppliers are improving service life and reliability with Bal Seal electrical and sealing components.


Bal Seal Canted Coil Springs

Springs and Seals for Alternative Energy Equipment  

Bal Seal Engineering, Inc. has been on the cutting edge of development by providing seals and spring solutions used in various applications within the Alternative Energy industry. These products provide the designer with custom engineered solutions for hydrogen fuel cell, solar, wind, geothermal, and various other green energy sources.

Typical Applications

  • Electrical contact components for wind energy, solar, and fuel cell connectors
  • Sealing expertise in the highly demanding applications of hydrogen fuel cells, wind turbines, and hydro electric support components

Bal Seal Solutions

Rotary Seals (DM-5)pdf
Canted-coil™ Springs for Power T&D (SM-6)pdf

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